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Strength in the NRI community

.........a tapestry woven with the threads of experiences and memories

Our Mission: Build a Retired NRI community

At, we want to empower, educate, and enlighten you while building a community of NRIs who are facing the same issues, struggles and challenges in this new phase.  Together we strengthen our RetiredNRI community by learning from each other in this journey and find others who share similar interests in travel, volunteering, spirituality, etc....

NRIs (the Indian community who have emigrated out of India) are often referred to as the 'Model Minority'. They number close to 4.8 million of the population in America, alone. Around the world, the Indian diaspora is one of the largest and most widespread in the globe. There's a wave of NRIs who are retiring or already retired. With this significant life transition and individuals living longer and longer, a new chapter of life begins which requires careful planning to ensure a comfortable and fulfilling retirement experience. When NRIs retire, after a life of struggling and working abroad for years, they face important decisions and lifestyle changes. Some may decide to retire in place (stay in their own home) or move in with their kids but many may choose to live in a retirement community (which caters to other NRIs) in their adopted country or many move back to retire in India.​

NRIs are somewhat in limbo - they are not considered Indian nor a national of their adoptive country. 

Let's Create Strength in Our NRI Community. Join Us

Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.”

Robert Browning

Our Sponsors

"Thank you for the Volunteering information, I was able to find something in my area - I meet others and help out. Very fulfilling!"

Rina Chauhan

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